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You Want to do What with Our Taxes?

Politicians want us to think of them as leaders, but they do nothing more than serve special interests. We now have what must be the most blatant example to come down the pike in many a year. Virginia Senator Russell Potts (R-Winchester) is the sponsor of Senate Bill 952, which requires Virginia's public schools to teach the humane treatment of animals. According to the bill's summary, it passed the Senate's Education and Health Committee 7-5 with one abstention, and the full Senate dispensed the "Constituional reading" today 38-0. Today's Newport News Daily Press carried the AP story while the Washington Times included the story in their General Assembly coverage. According to the Daily Press account, Senator John Edwards (D-Roanoke) "said some people who grow up abusing animals ultimately wind up in trouble with the law for violence toward other people," and quoted him directly saying, "There definitely is a correlation there." The paper also reports comments by lobbyists representing animal welfare groups. Senator Harry Blevins (R-Chesapeake), a retired public school principal, opposed the measure, and correctly noted, "I am concerned about what we keep piling on and forcing public schools to do." How about passing legislation dealing with the core functions of government, Senators?


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