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Arlington Residents Say "Nyet" to County Board

Thanks to the leadership of ACTA member Wayne Kubicki, about 30 Arlington homeowners turned out to greet the Arlington County Board on Saturday, April 16, during its "public comment" period. We've Growled about the results on two previous occasions -- April 16 and April 17 -- with links to stories in both the Washington Post and Arlington Sun-Gazette. We were presently surprised, though, to learn that the Arlington Connection featured two ACTA members on the front-page of their April 20-26 issue -- complete with their individualized placards. In addition to devoting the entire cover to the two ACTA members, there was another photo with the online story featuring other ACTA members. The 'pullout' quotation also features ACTA member John Berthoud, who said, "Our taxes keep going up and up, and the County Board seems oblivious to the concerns of homeowners." If you would like to receive the Arlington Connection, the paper notes you can request a free copy by calling (703) 917-6465.


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