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Can You Spell "Tea Party?"

For anyone who believes in low taxes, limited government, and having government provide only essential government services, this morning's action by the Arlington County Board approving a real estate tax rate that cut the rate only 8 cents but leaves the average Arlington homeowner still paying a tax bill 13.6% more than last year can only be described as outrageous. Thanks to the initiative of ACTA member Wayne Kubicki, the Board was greeted with an "Arlington tea party" this morning as about 30 people, including several ACTA members, showed off placards carry such messages as "My Taxes are Up 54% in 4 Years, Where can I get my 54% Increase in Services? and "Minor Hill Townhouse . . . With Major League Tax Bill!" The Arlington Sun-Gazette (to be dated April 21, but already online) has a nice write-up of the meeting. We also anticipate a picture in next week's Arlington Connection since their reporter took pictures that included the tax protest placards. If you prefer the county's version, read their press release, which touts that they "focused" on "targeted tax relief and affordable housing." Will the Board's action this morning start a revolution in Arlington? Perhaps not, but oak trees begin from small acorns. Have no doubt, ACTA will have more to say about this morning's Board action in the days ahead!


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