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Happy "Tax Freedom Day," We're Finally Working for Ourselves!

Even though Arlingtonians got sucker-punched by the Arlington County Board on Saturday (see previous two days of Growls), I hope some were able to celebrate "Tax Freedon Day" yesterday, April 17. According to a special report from the Tax Foundation, Americans were finally able to celebrate "the day when Americans will finally have earned enough money to pay off their total tax bill for the year . . . Taxes at all levels of government are included, whether leveled by Uncle Sam or state and local government." The study further notes that "Tax Freedom Day gives Americans an easy way to gauge the overall tax take, a task that can be quite daunting due to the multiplicity of taxes at each level of government, especially the "hidden" taxes and fees that are often buried in the cost of living." Virginians actually were able to celebrate Tax Freedom Day on Saturday, April 16. However, if Governor Mark Warner (D) and Senator John Chichester (R), had not engineered their billion dollar plus tax increase through the 2004 General Assembly, Virginians could have celebrated on April 14. So we have those two big tax-and-spenders to thank for causing us to work two extra days this year. The Tax Foundation's special report provides several nice charts and graphs that put today's tax burdens in a historical perspective. For example, in 1900, the average American worked 8 days to pay their federal tax bill and 14 days to pay their state and local government tax bills. By 2005, the two numbers increased to 70 and 37, respectively. Sheesh!


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