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Wash. Post Coverage of Arlington's "Tea Party"

Starting "above-the-fold" on page 1 of today's Washington Post's Metro section, the Post's coverage notes, "Discontent over government spending has been sharper in Arlington and neighboring Arlexandria this year than in recent years as property values have skyrocketed and local spending and pricey capital improvement projects have increased." (The Post really, really said that!) The Post also reported that "real estate tax bills have doubled since 2001" in Arlington. Best part of the story, though, was on page 6 where the Post included a picture of ACTA member Richard Kelsey addressing the Arlington County Board during yesterday's "public comment" period accompanied by fellow Arlingtonians holding up placards containing comments such as "Arlington is Not McDonald's, Don't Supersize My Tax Bill, In 4 Years - 77.6% More Heartburn." We're still confused, though, by the comment of Board chairman Jay Fisette who is quoted by the Post describing the county's new FY2006 budget with words such as "strong" and "constrained." Last night, the Washington Post's story included the color version, taken by ACTA member Wayne Kubicki, of their page 6 picture, but unfortunately they have since taken it down. Let the revolution continue!


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