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A New Day, A New Problem for Washington-Lee High School

Yesterday, we growled for the second time about the exploding costs for the replacement of Washington-Lee High School -- thinking that was the major issue involving the replacement high school. The front-page of the Metro section in today's Washington Post, however, raised a new issue. According to the Post, "As designed, the four-story building would be nearly 30 feet taller than Arlington's height limit and cannot legally be built." The story continued, "Realizing the mistake, school officials this week rushed to the county's planning commission asking for a change to the county's zoning laws to permit a 75-foot tall high school building." Furthermore, (p)lanning commissioners were not amused."Although the commission voted 6-3 to support a change in the zoning. it makes taxpayers wonder if there are other issues that have not yet surfaced. Although heigth may be "the least of our problems," as one School Board member commented, such issues have a nasty habit of piling on, and could eventually sink the project.


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