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County Logo Redux

In search of a "fresh, hip, and modern feel" to the county logo, and $39,000 of taxpayer money, the County Manager last year introduced a new county logo. One astute Arlington resident called it the "Oscar the Grouch trashcan." (We growled about it here). This year's award undoubtedly plundered far fewer taxpayer dollars, but is probably far more ridiculous. On Saturday, May 7, ACTA's president asked the County Board chairman to explain the need to provide names to the three conference rooms (A, B, and C/D) on the first floor at Courthouse Plaza. They may have been deserving of names, but ACTA's president questioned why it was necessary for the Board chairman's personal assistant to survey the various commission chairmen to determine whether the rooms should be renamed and who should make such a momentous decision. ACTA's president wanted to why, with real estate taxes up 14% this year, county employees were frittering away taxpayer money on such silly projects. When given the opportunity to refute the information presented by ACTA's president, the County Board, including the Chairman, chose to remain silent. If you think too many county employees are spinning their wheels, visit the County Board office, and then let them know what you think about their spendthrift ways.


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