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Greed or Ambition? Depends Upon Your Point of View.

Liberals, but especially their related leftist brethren the progressives, always talk about their desire to soak the rich in order to produce the revenues so they can meet all the unmet needs they are capable of inventing. A column in yesterday's Rocky Mountain News by Mike Rosen clarifies the difference between greed and ambition. Here's the quote, but I encourage you to read the entire column.

"Greed is a word leftists use to describe what conservatives call ambition. Ambition and reward are what fuel prosperity in a market economy. When you impose penalties and restrict rewards on economic activity - such as by excessive taxation - however noble your motives, there are consequences. You get less work, savings, investment and output. If that weren't the case, we could tax ourselves rich. The fatal shortcoming of socialist economies is that they don't sufficiently reward excellence, so, predictably, they get less of it. It's that fundamental conflict with human nature that seals socialism's ultimate doom." (Emphasis in the original)

Hat tip to Andrew Roth at Club for Growth.


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