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Pennsylvania Taxpayers Fight School Board's Plan for 'Taj Mahal'

Mountain States Legal Foundation announced on April 22, 2005, that a lawsuit was filed by five Pennsylvania taxpayers against the Manheim Township School District in Lancaster, Pennsylvania challenging the school board's "plans to construct a high school that critics have labeled a Taj Mahal because of its exorbitant cost." The taxpayers allege the school district failed to submit the proposal to a referendum. Under Pennsylvania state law, school districts are limited in the cost of construction unless they submit the more costly plans to the citizens in a referendum. The press release also notes that the new high school would exceed state size limitations by 23% and "the construction plan will increase property taxes by 10 to 15 percent for the next twenty years. Given the large increase in the cost of Arlington's Washington-Lee High School, as reported here on Growls last week, it seems stronger controls are needed over the Arlington School Board to prevent them from exorbitantly plundering Arlington's taxpayers. Hat tip to Townhall.com for posting the press release.


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