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How do you know Arlington County is overstaffed?

The short answer is to look at all the silly awards the county has been receiving as of late. During the month of June the county has received such awards as:

June 13 - E-Gov Solutions Pioneer Award
June 24 - Award for Leadership in "Green" Fuel Usage
June 27 - Award for Most Sustainable Community Program
June 29 - Commuterdirect.com Corporate Services Regional Award

If county bureaucrats were winning awards for real accomplishments such as largest tax cut in Northern Virginia, or fewest vagrants per capita, or most cost-efficient school system in Virginia, or least subsidized buses and other mass transit systems, or fewest potholes per mile, then taxpayers would know that their tax money was being wisely spent. However, it costs Arlington taxpayers around $200,000 annually for membership in the Washington Council of Government, which awarded Arlington the Commuterdirect.com Corporate Services Regional Award. The cost of belonging to Virginia Clean Cities or the Virginia Sustainable Building Network is not readily available. Maybe the extra staffing is necessary so Arlington can compete against Hong Kong and Ontario, Canada (E-Gov award) to give credence to Arlington bureaucrats' continuous chortling about Arlington being a "world-class residential, business and tourist location."