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Liberal Virginia Newspapers Read From Same Liberal Talking Points

In an editorial yesterday, the liberal Virginian-Pilot newspaper claims that people in Virginian are not only "wary of anti-tax message," but that they "approve of the 2004 tax increase." That's an interesting conclusion drawn from a survey done to evaluate the race for governor (see article in today's Richmond Times-Dispatch and their statement on the poll's methodology). The Virginian-Pilot's opinion seemed questionable from the very beginning when it began: "Despite months of vitriol from the anti-tax, anti-government, free-lunch bunch." Writing with much the same anti-tax, anti-government rhetoric, the liberal Roanoke Times editorial writers reach much the same conclusion, i.e., that "Virginia's happy place" is "the moderate middle." Both papers' liberal editorial writers need to stop drinking the liberal, tax-me-more kool-aid, and get back to a reality-based world.