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Tea Parties and Lei Parties, An Update

Today's Richmond Times-Dispatch provides comprehensive coverage of the annual convention of the National Association of Counties (NACo) being held later this month in Hawaii. Last month we growled about the attendance by two Arlington County Board members after coverage by the Arlington Sun-Gazette and the Washington Post. In addition, last week's Sun-Gazette gave critics (presumably us since ACTA has been the primariy growler of the trip). The Times-Dispatch story, however, makes us feel vindicated. According to the story, Arlington County Board members will be able to have luaus with about 60 Virginia county officials for the "national convention whose exotic locale has been questioned and mocked by critics around Virginia and the nation." One thing did surprise us, which was the number of counties sending larger delegations larger than Arlington's two County Board members, including Rockingham (all five supervisors plus county administrator) and Charles City County (five convention delegates), "a rural county of fewer than 7,000 people. The story noted, "Taxpayers, political rivals and news organizations have questioned the wisdom of attending. At the least, some critics argue, doing so is politically tone-deaf." Finally, when compared to the dismal coverage of convention by the Washington Post (only Arlington's attenance, and only in their weekly editon), the Times-Dispatch deserves special kudos.