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Tea Parties and Lei Parties: The Aftermath

The Associated Press reports that taxpayers in two Louisiana parishes will be picking-up the tab for fewer taxpayer-paid trips in the future, including "trips by elected officials to far-off places like Hawaii." According to one parish legislator, who actually attended the Hawaii convention, reducing the number of people who can attend is "not punishing anyone . . . It's cutting down the cost." We've growled about the travel by two Arlington County Board members to the annual convention of the National Association of Counties (NACo) in Honolulu, most recently on July 19. The criticism in Louisisana's St. Charles County resulted from 22 elected officials and government employees attending the Hawaii convention at a cost to taxpayers of $50,000, reported the Associated Press. At present, we don't know whether any Arlington County employees accompanied the two Board members to Hawaii although we have heard that one constitutional officer attended.