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Understanding Concept of Taxpayers vs Taxeaters in Arlington County

Last month, I growled about the political economy of Arlington County after reading an interview with Steven Malanga about his new book, The New New Left. I suggested the book might provide a better understanding of why taxes rise inexorably in our county. Another interview with Mr. Malanga is posted at TechCentralStation today, which clarifies the need for all Arlington taxpayers to pick-up and read Malanga's book. He notes, for example, that various groups, most of which are active in Arlington, "began recognizing that they had the same interest in an ever-expanding government and started working together in coalitions that support bigger government and government solutions. In many states and cities the coalition has now gathered so much power that it is in control of the political agenda." Thus the difference between taxpayers and taxeaters. He's hopeful, though, saying, "I think we are starting to see a new taxpayer revolt emerging in the U.S. based on the huge fiscal stress that the public sector economy has imposed in many places." A big round of taxpayer applause to Mr. Malanga!