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"A Lot of Money . . . With Little to Show for It"

As reported in Thursday's Virginian-Pilot newspaper, that was the explanation by the president of Virginia's board of education of the board's vote the previous day "to ask the governor to include ($1.18 billion) in the 2006-08 spending proposal." As the paper also reported, "(a)bout $1 billion of a tax increase approved (in 2004) was earmarked for public education." According to the paper, about $0.98 billion of the $1.18 billion will keep "Virginia's schools just running in place " while the other $191 million "would increase the required number of principals, reading specialists and speech pathologists in schools." Fairfax County's Del. Vince Callahan described it as "a big deal. It's a lot of money. But it's not an insurmountable goal." Seems to us that taxpayers should first see some results from the $1 billion given to educators in 2004 before being asked to shell out another $1 billion again. That, Delegate Callahan, should be what you should be demanding to see before shelling out another $1 billion of taxpayer money.