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Average American Now Working for Their Own Benefit

One news item earlier this summer missed getting blogged by the Growlers. In celebrating the nation's birthday on Independence Day, we failed to take note that it was also Taxpayers' Independence Day, also. For each of the past 13 years, American for Tax Reform calculate "the day when Americans have finally paid off all the costs of government -- spending and regulations -- and can begin to work for themselves." According to this ATR press release (Adobe required), Americans will work 84 days to pay for federal spending, 43 days to pay state and local spending, 37 days for federal regulations, and 23 days for state regulations. Virginians got a slight break with Cost of Government Day occuring on July 2. No wonder it's so difficult to fill-up our gasoline tanks, government takes half of what we earn. Details about ATR's computations, including the state breakdowns, are here.