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Curbside Recycling - What a Waste!

Perhaps just slightly embarrassed to have the nation's largest stable of far-left-wing columnists, the New York Times recently drafted John Tierney, a longtime Timesman, to provide just a smidgen of balance on its Op-Ed page.

To my surprise, the Times's free online archive [registration required] still contains Mr. Tierney's famous 1996 essay for the New York Times Magazine, "Recycling Is Garbage." Perhaps because of the author's science-writer background, the article is unassailable from a scientific standpoint and as fresh today as when it was published. Everybody - especially everybody on the Arlington County Board - should read it.

Arlington County's recycling program is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars, and gets more expensive every year. It's time curbside recycling in Arlington, Virginia disappeared into the yellow recycling bin of history.