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Earth to Arlington County Board: That's How a Free Market Works

If you don't believe Arlington County is a leader of America's so-called "Nanny State," check-out two stories in this week's Arlington Sun-Gazette. In one story, Ryan Self reports on "the decision of School Board members, who last week voted to eliminate soda in county high school vending machines, along with most chocolate bars and candy." According to the Board's chairman, "We shouldn't have soda and sports drinks available in the schools." Under "Political Notes," the paper reports that Arlington "County Board member Paul Ferguson wants to know if the public thinks there should be fewer junk-food choices in vending machines positioned at county community and recreation centers," noting that Ferguson specifically said, "We need a little more input on what type of products people want" at the September 20 Board meeting. It's not clear whether the Board member understands how a free market works since the paper also notes, "(w)hile Ferguson said he personally is eager to phase out junk food and move toward more healthy options, he acknowledged that candy seemed to be a big seller in the vending machines." Proof-positive that our political elite knows more than the vendor trying to make a profit from vending machine sales?