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Fair Tax or Flat Tax, Either Is Preferable to Today's Income Tax

Things seem to be heating-up in the tax reform arena. The Club for Growth has just announced an economic policy conference for September 21 that will feature former U.S. Representative Dick Armey (R-TX) debating current U.S. Representative John Lindner (R-GA) on the flat tax and the fair tax. Is one better than the other? Perhaps, but as Stephen Moore wrote in the Wall Street Journal earlier this month, "The truth is that these two reform plans have a lot in common -- low rates, uniformity, simplicity -- and they both run circles around the current system, which is every bit as bad as (Steve) Forbes says it is." More detailed information on the flat-tax is available in this "Backgrounder" from the Heritage Foundation while information on the fair tax is available from Americans for Fair Taxation. In addition, radio talk show host Neal Boortz's book on the fair tax was #1 bestseller for the second week in a row in the NY Times, and you can find more information about the fair tax at Neal's website. Finally, if you have any comments about tax reform, you should make them to the President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform.