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Governor Warner, Provide the Leadership in Cutting the Commonwealth's Fuels Tax

The National Taxpayers Union, on Wednesday, urged Governor Mark Warner (D) to take an 'active leadership' role in cutting the Commonwealth's fuels tax. In their letter, NTU encouraged the governor "to permanently lower state gas tax rates or provide temporary relief through a 'gas tax holiday' . . . Although using budget reserves to fund new spending programs may be tempting, lowering state gas taxes immediately is a better way to assist Virginians as all taxpayers and aspects of your state's economy are affected by rising gas prices." That call for tax relief was solidified yesterday when two Central Virginia lawmakers, Del. Ben Cline (R-Rockbridge) and Sen. Steve Newman (R-Lynchburg) called "for a temporary rollback of Virginia's 17.5 cent gas tax to help offset the effects of Hurricane Katrina on gas prices," according to today's Lynchburg News & Advance. That sure sounds like a position that ACTA can support!