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Oklahoma Voters 'Pummel' Gas Tax at Polls

On Tuesday, Oklahoma's voters soundly defeated a fuels tax that would have raised the tax on gas by 29% and on diesel fuel by 57%. The University of Oklahoma's Daily Oklahoman said it all -- 87.21% NO and 12.79% YES. With the recent run-up in gas prices, even supporters were talking about the "bad timing," according to the Associated Press report at Forbes.com. The AP report also noted that road safety advocates "went through the initiative process after trying and failing for years to secure adequate funding from the Legislature," but opponents argued "it doesn't take a tax increase to fix it." Advocates outspent opponents by $2 million to $150,000. The HometownChannel reported that almost 290,000 Oklahomans "signed petitions to get the issue on the ballot . . . when gasoline prices were about $1 less than Tuesday's $2.79 average price of regular."

Hat tip: National Taxpayers Union's Government Bytes blogsite.