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Arlongance Defined

One Arlington pundit characterizes the unique brand of arrogance in Arlington County government by calling it "Arlogance." If you're looking for a definition of "Arlogance," look no further than tomorrow evening's School Board meeting. Item C.8. of the consent agenda (requires Adobe) calls for the "(r)ecision of School Board Policy 10-18, Policy Monitoring" with the Superintendent recommending the Board approve the "staff recommendation to rescind the policy." What is policy 10-18 you ask? A previous School Board approved it to "ensure that the Arlington Public Schools serves the students, parents, and other residents well . . ." Talk about staff being out of touch with Arlington's taxpayers? Wth a cost-per-pupil for the current fiscal year of almost $16,500, among the very highest in Virginia, it's understandable why staff doesn't want taxpayers looking at how well the Arlington Public Schools use the money given to the schools by Arlington taxpayers.

UPDATE 11/7/05. We were mostly correct on this one. We spoke on agenda item C.8. at Thursday's School Board meeting, and learned that it was not the Board's intention that policy directive 10-18 be rescinded. Your humble scribe learned from one of the schools' top managers that the error resulted from "a miscommunication," and consequently "thought" it was the School Board's intent to rescind policy 10-18.