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Is Virginia Headed Towards Being Just Another Pro-Tax, Big Government State?

Peter Ferrara, a taxpayer hero from the 2003 sales tax referenda battles, notes in his Bacon's Rebellion column this week that the "2005 elections were a disaster for low tax conservatives." After noting the losses by specific conservative candidates in various races, Peter writes: "Worst of all, the debate over the 2004 tax increase is now over, and we the conservatives somehow lost . . . We couldn't possibly have had a stronger case against that increase. The data shows there never was that yawning deficit that (Governor) Warner (D) and Sen. John Chichester (R), Howard Dean's twin brother, kept telling us about. Indeed, after the largest tax increase in the history of the state, we ended up with a surplus bigger than the tax increase. Taxes were raised so that the booming, New York-style increase in state spending since 1998 could be increased even faster."

What's the solution for conservatives? Ferrara writes, "if conservatives are going to win consistently in this state, we need . . . to reorganize to participate effectively in the public debate. That must start with a new funding base of patriots who want to win, not just appear to be leaders, on the cheap." Peter Ferrara is a principled conservative! But all of us who believe in the conservative principles of freedom, liberty and limited government need to join in that public debate and explain why lower taxes mean greater freedom and liberty.