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Pro-Taxers at Roanoke Times Want You to Pay Higher Gas Taxes

Liberal editors at the Washington Post, the Virginian Pilot, and Roanoke Times, among others, like to label those who believe in lower taxes and limited government as anti-taxers. Unfortunately, they never label themselves as pro-taxers, but rather see themselves as supporters of good government. An editorial in today's Roanoke Times, which calls on the 2006 General Assembly to raise the gasoline tax, has us growling. As justification, they point out that the 17.5 cents per gallon tax hasn't been raised since 1987. In addition, they note that drivers of today's more fuel-efficient cars do not buy as much gasoline as when they drove less efficient cars. Both are true, but if transportation is indeed Virginia's number one priority, as state Senator John Chichester contends, then the General Assembly should be tapping into the general fund to pay for Virginia's transportation needs. The editorial whines that unless (gas tax) revenue "does not keep up, bankruptcy or a failed transportation system await." When gas prices skyrocketed a month ago, oil company executives were hauled before Congress to explain their high prices and windfall profits. Taxpayers need to begin asking why government gets a larger take from the price of a gallon of gasoline than do oil companies!