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Spending Other Peoples' Money must be Hard Work. Arlington County Board Wants Pay Raise!

In yesterday's "hot news," the Arlington Sun-Gazette reports: "Arlington County Board members are considering asking the General Assembly for a raise of up to 50 percent." With county spending significantly exceeding the rate of inflation, Arlington taxpayers are left wondering whether Board members are worth even their current pay. According to the Manager's budget guidance (Adobe required), which the Board is expected to approve at their recessed meeting on November 29, Arlington property owners will get hit with 20% increases in their assessments in January 2006. As this week's Sun-Gazette points out, "Even with a cut in the tax rate again next year, rising assessments mean most Arlington homeowners will be paying significantly more for basic government services and schools." And after pilfering our property rights on Tuesday evening (see previous two 'growls'), the Board thinks they deserve a pay raise? As Nomad said in response to news that Congress will likely take a pay rais afterall at Government Bytes, the blogsite of the National Taxpayers Union, "I guess service isn't its own reward."