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The Political Class Does Know What's Best. Just Ask Them.

We enjoyed growling on November 9 after voters in Virginia's Pittsylvania County defeated a meals tax. For those who think that politicians don't put themselves into a political class above the rest of us, comments by two members of Pittsylvania's political elite in today's Danville Register & Bee should abuse you of that notion. The article starts "The Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors was surprised when the county's meals tax referrendum . . . only garnered support from 30 percent of the voters on Election Day," and then provides the comments of the board chairman and county administrator. Both tell you a lot about what they see as the role of taxpayers. From board chairman: "Voters were against the tax increase because it was a tax increase . . . They didn't realize it was designed to help them with their real estate taxes." And from the county administrator: "All towns have to do is vote it in. All cities have to do is vote it in. . . . We have to get permission through a referendum before we can even schedule a hearing." Since these political elite don't think it's fair that counties have to get permission from voters before raising taxes while towns and cities do not, the paper reports the supervisors' top legislative priority is to get the 2006 General Assembly to give them "the same powers to impose local taxes that are currently available to all Virginia cities and towns." The political class really do think they know what is best for the rest of us! Just ask them.