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They Don't Subsize Automobiles, Do They?

Last week, the County Board and a group of "interested parties," officially the Arlington Affordable Housing Roundtable, wrapped up a plan "to preserve and create affordable housing throughout the County," according to the county's October 25 press release. Although the roundtable had 23 members, it's highly questionable whether any one of them had the interest of Arlington taxpayers as their primary concern. According to the November 2 issue of the Arlington Connection, the County Board is slated to adopt an ordinance that will incorporate the compromise deal reached last week. The paper noted affordable housing is defined as being "those apartments a family with 60% of the area's average median income can pay for," which in Arlington is $53,600 for a family of four or $42,800 for a family of two. Just asking, but since taxpayers don't subsize the ownership of automobiles, why should taxpayers subsidize housing? Some people can own Lamborghinis and BMW's while others can only afford Chevrolets while still others are left buying used cars. Sound like the redistribution of income?