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Coalition to Congress: Extend the Capital Gains & Divident Tax Cuts

Last month, a coalition, which included the National Taxpayers Union, wrote to Rep. Roy Blunt (R), the Majority Whip in the U.S. House of Representatives, urging him "to immediately bring up a vote on extending the very successful capital gains and dividend tax rates and then move to conference the tax bill with the Senate version before the end of the year." To our knowledge, that vote never occurred. Consequently, ACTA members and friends are asked to take a minute, and e-mail Arlington's Congressional delegaion to voice your support of this extension. You can e-mail members of the Virginia delegation by using the following links:

Sen. John Warner

Sen. George Allen

Rep. Jim Moran

They need to hear from you. These tax rate cuts need to be extended. Besides, you can spend the money more efficiently than the government. They need to hear you, though.