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Hold Onto Your Wallets, General Assembly Set to Convene

In her Washington Post column this week, Melanie Scarborough urges Virginians to remember "a few lessons" from prior General Assembly sessions. First and foremost, she advises that "Henny-penny, Sen. John H. Chichester (R-Northumberland) will try to convince everyone that the sky is falling -- and his claim won't be any more credible." Continuing her spanking of the Senate Finance Committee chairman, she notes that "Chichester and his supple-spined acolytes allowed (Governor Mark) Warner to look like a moderate" by "demanding a tax increase higher than the one proposed by" Gov. Mark Warner (D). As Arlington taxpayers learned in 2004, tax-and-spend Republicans such as Senator Chichester are as dangerous to their pocketbooks as the tax-and-spend Democrats in Arlington County.