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Latest Plundering of American Taxpayers

As we growled on August 12, 2005, public funding of the arts is more a jobs program than about creating art since arts the combined funding by all three levels of government is less than 5%. But the arts crowd is nothing less than perservering. Steven Laffey reports for Human Events Online today that the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C. will be receiving a "big fat check" from the American taxpayers "to the sweet tune of $900,000." Laffey points out, though, that the Shakespeare Theatre is not among the needy because ticket sales and 'earned income' covers half the budget with the other half coming from "300 corporations, foundations, and public agencies., not to mention 7,500 individuals." When will the legal plundering of taxpayers end? It's one thing to pay taxes for core government services as national defense and police and fire departments, but subsidizing arts projects like D.C.'s Signature Theatre has to strike even the most liberal-minded among us as nothing less than legal plundering.

Speaking of the arts crowd, how many performing arts theatre does Arlington need? They seem to sprouting up all over the county, but they're still pushing to have another included in the new public spaces master plan expected to be adopted by the County Board later this year.