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More on "Government for Government by Government"

Some scary information, at least for taxpayers, came yesterday from the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, which summarized the salient features of two articles from USA Today two days earlier describing the mounting taxpayer burdens "due to the luxurious pensions doled out by politicians to governernment workers." The SBEC noted that according to one USA Today article, "Average annual benefits for retired state and local workers grew 37% to $19,875 from 2000 to 2004." That 37% change is in stark contrast to the average annual 2.5% COLA for Social Security recipients over that same time period. From the second USA Today article, the SBEC noted that "public servants have been guaranteed retirement benefits that are far richer than private pensions" and that the "belief that government offers good benefits to make-up for lower wages appears to be a myth. Government workers earn higher average wages and get better benefits than people in the private sector." Seems worth remembering the next time the County Board starts rolling out their song-and-dance about Arlington being a world-class community.