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Northern Virginia Politicians Planning More Taxes . . . for Metro

Ah yes, politicians with help from their friends in mainstream media. That sure seems to be the view from reading this Associated Press report posted at the NewsChannel8 website. The AP reports “local governments around the Washington area (are) prepared to push for a dedicated funding source for Metro.” After noting that U.S. Rep. Tom Davis (D-Virginia) “is dangling a $1.5 billion federal carrot,” the AP goes on to say that Arlington state Sen. Whipple (D) is sponsoring a bill (SB 267), which “would raise the sales tax by .25 percent, with the money collected going directly to support the rail and bus system.”

It seems that Metro’s directors and management need to learn how to run a tighter ship before they can be entrusted with a “dedicated revenue source.” On October 22, 2004, we growled because of Metro’s decision to install escalator canopies with an “attractive design” costing $761,000 rather than more utilitarian ones costing $450,000. Reports in the Washington Post this past year on Metro’s management show they still do not understand they are dealing with the public’s money.