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The Decisions Politicians Make When It's Not Their Money

Many will remember Louisiana's Gov. Kathleen Blanco asking Congress to appropriate more of the American taxpayers' money to repair the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina last fall. According to this news report, "(s)ome members of the governor's staff will return from the three-day holiday (today) to newly renovated offices at the State Capitol" in Baton Rouge. The news report continued that "after the two hurricanes, Gov. Kathleen Blanco decided to renovate some of her staff's offices. At the time of her decision, Blanco also was hinting at deep budget cuts to state programs and the possibility of laying off 20 percent of the state workforce. The project cost $564,838. The newly refurbished office space on the sixth floor of the State Capitol includes hookups and mounts for two flat screen televisions, Swedish granite countertops, walnut paneling and frosted laminated glass." Sheesh!