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They Don't Know What?

A report by Bob Gibson in Sunday's Charlottesville Daily Progress begins: "Nobody in state government knows how many government employees work for Virginia. One reason for this strange truth is the fact that state government employee can be defined many different ways." When state officials sent a survey to anyone who received a W-2 tax form, they learned that 'state employee' included 4,000 state prison inmates. Members of the caucus "were surprised that no one knows how many state state employees Virginia has, especially in light of claims governors like to make about how many fewer workers the state employs." The newspaper goes on to discuss the the work of the "mostly Republican" Cost Cutting Caucus of the Virginia General Assembly, chaired by Del. Chris Saxman (R-Stauntaon). Del. Saxman has even started the VACostCutting blog where Virginians can participate. For more information about the establishment of the caucus, and its partnership with the Thomas Jefferson Institute, see this press release (Adobe required). Thank goodness someone is interested in paring the size of Virginia government!