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Where do Politicians Get Their Ideas?

After learning in last week’s Arlington Sun-Gazette that Arlington County Board member Paul Ferguson is interested in giving tax breaks to millionaires, one has to ponder the question. Are they that out of touch, or are they just so focused on buying the next vote? State law limits local governments from providing tax relief to seniors whose assets exceed $340,000 or whose income exceeds $72,000. Mr. Ferguson was quite explicit at the Civic Federation since he explained in his answer the number of digits needed, i.e, 7 for assets ($1,000,000 and above) and 6 for income ($100,000 to $999,999). Fellow Board member Barbara Favola, however, told the Sun-Gazette’s Ryan Self, “No, no, no, no, no . . . . Paul was speaking for himself on that one,: but Board member Walter Tejada told Self, “In concept, it sounds good right off the bat.” Last year’s chairman, Jay Fisette was amenable to an “incremental” increase in the two caps; this year’s chairman, Chris Zimmerman, apparently wasn’t available to opine.

Several Board members apparently, are learning their lessons at the school of the redistribution of wealth. According to the website, Importance of Philosophy, “Redistribution of wealth by the government, for example Welfare or Social Security, is egalitarianism put into practice at the point of a gun. This blatant theft is often obscured by the fact that it is voted into place. They claim that the majority of people believe some individuals are deserving of ‘charity,’ and people should give some money to them. They say that they don’t mind that government is using their money to help the needy. This is an obfuscation, though. If people felt they should be charitable, they could donate on their own. Government is an agency of force. If something can be done voluntarily, it wouldn’t need to be done by the government. The redistributionists don’t just want to give their money, they want to give other people’s money away.” Perhaps now it’s clear why many jokingly refer to Arlington County as the “Peoples’ Republic.”