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Another “Class Warfare” Editorial from the Washington Post

Not sure about the meaning of the word cant? You can look it up at Dictionary.com, or you can refer to this editorial in yesterday’s Washington Post on the latest federal tax cuts working their way through Congress. One definition of cant is jargon or the “special terminology understood among the members of a profession, discipline, or class but obscure to the general population.” In the case of the Post editorial, it would be the language of the political left. For example, talking about a “windfall for the rich" or describing a tax cut as being “larded up.”

Apparently, the editorial writers at the Post don’t want to confuse themselves with the facts, either. For example, they note that “(n)early half of the benefits from extending the cuts on capital gains and dividend income would go to households with incomes of more than $1 million.” If they bothered looking up who pays income taxes, they would find it’s some of those same people who will receive much of those tax cuts. See, for example, these National Taxpayers Union’s tables of who pays federal income taxes.

Since the editorial writers cite the left of center Urban Institute-Brookings Institution Tax Policy Center, it appears they were not at all interested in facts.