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How Do You Spell Tax Increase? A-F-F-0-R-D-A-B-L-E

That looks to be the case after reading about the latest initiative from Gov. Tim Kaine (D). Called “Smart Beginnings,” it directs “new and improved resources to families with children from birth to age five. According to a press release from the governor’s office last week announcing the launch of the initiative, he also named a Start Strong Pre-K Council, which “will focus on developing an affordable, effective, and efficient blueprint for expanding access to high-quality, pre-kindergarten education to every child in Virginia.” (emphasis added).

The liberal Roanoke Times touted the initiative in an editorial this past Sunday. In it, they noted its cost as $300 million. They noted that half of Wisconsin’s school districts offer free preschool for 4 year-olds. If starting kids in public schools at age 4 is good, then why not start when kids are age 3, or even 2. Looks like cradle-to-grave government is just over the horizon, even in Virginia, and that requires tax increases.