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Some Facts and Figures Concerning Virginia’s Tax Climate

Don’t let the political elite get the upper hand when talking taxes. Arm yourself with the basic facts. For example, know that Tax Freedom Day in Virginia occurred on April 24th this year (20th nationally). The Tax Foundation has gathered this and other basic facts about Virginia's tax climate onto a single page to assist in your research.

While Virginia’s tax burden is below the national average, it has grown over the past 35 years – rising from 8.9% in 1970 (35th nationally) to 9.5% in 2006 (41st nationally). So when the politicians smile and tell you Virginia is a low-tax state, turn the tables on them by asking them to explain how you are better off today with an increased tax burden.

The Tax Foundation also presents facts about Virginia’s business tax climate, both individual and corporate income taxes, sales taxes, and federal income taxes. Kudo’s to the Tax Foundation for this valuable information.