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Does Arlington County Have a Permanent “Get Out of Jail Free” Card?

Today’s DC Examiner reports, “Despite having already borrowed $11 million over the past 16 years to build a new fire station for the Cherrydale Volunteer Fire Department, Arlington County has failed to start construction and will seek Tuesday to borrow an additional $13 million to keep the project going. The county issued bonds to raise money for the station in 1990, 1994, 2004 and 2006. Numerous delays have kept the project from moving forward, and more money must be borrowed to complete it.”

Moreover, the paper adds that “Cherrydale is not the only bond-supported project with problems. An additional $8 million for Westover Library was requested in Arlington’s 2007 Capital Improvement Plan. This is on top of the $4 million raised in a 1998 bond issue. Construction has yet to begin on the library.” The Examiner quoted Wayne Kubicki, a fellow member of the County’s Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission, who said that projects are often placed on the ballot before they “are fully thought through.”

Different rules must apply to government than to private industry. When top Enron officials were found guilty of similar flimflamery last month, their top officials are getting set to do hard time in the slammer. Will Arlington voters hold the Arlington County Board accountable come November?