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Earmarks: Thomas Jefferson Warned About Them, Too

The editorial in today’s DC Examiner points out, “Earmarks are nothing new . . .Indeed, a 1796 letter written by Thomas Jefferson to James Madison warned about a ‘scene of eternal scramble among the members, who can get the most money wasted in their State ... .’”

Then it continues: “Earmarks — and the political corruption they represent — would make a perfect campaign issue for an opposition party intent on recapturing Congress this year. Unfortunately, Democrats like (Sen.) Reid and (Rep.) Moran don’t see anything wrong with the shoddy practice itself — just the fact that the Republican majority is in a position to dole out most of the pork, not them. Instead of promising to shut down the all-you-can-eat buffet, Democrats would just serve a different set of diners.”

The editorial ends by saying that “earmarks themselves won’t disappear until voters demand a permanent end to such wanton gluttony at their expense — and then back it up at the ballot box.”