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Porkers, Your Tax Dollars, and the “Railroad to Nowhere"

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) has just selected Mississippi Senators Thad Cochran (R) and Trent Lott (R) as their “Porkers of the Month for adding $700 million for the “railroad to nowhere” to the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2006 (H.R. 4929) . . . The “railroad to nowhere” is one of dozens of earmarks tacked onto the Senate bill, including $3.9 billion for agricultural subsidies, $500 million for a corporate welfare bailout of Northrop Grumman, and $6 million for two Hawaii sugar plantations. It comes on the heels of the controversy over the $223 million “bridge to nowhere” for Alaska in the 2005 highway authorization bill.”

CAGW adds, “The railroad controversy arose after Hurricane Katrina destroyed a portion of the CSX rail line in Mississippi. CSX spent $300 million to fix the line and a company spokesperson said, “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.” The $700 million would be spent to divert the tracks a few miles to the north, making way for U.S. 90 to be rebuilt along the rail bed. Sens. Cochran and Lott say the switch is necessary for safety reasons and to protect the track from future hurricanes. However, The Washington Post reported that “much of the rail line along the Gulf Coast would remain in hurricane danger, and the proposed rerouting would affect only a small part.” Read the remainder of the CAGW press release.

Imagine what our taxes would be if Congress followed the Constitution, and the Arlington County Board funded only core services?