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“Spring Cleaning,” A Start, but Now Start Scrubbing

How’s this for the latest in wasteful federal spending? According to this press release from the office of House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), “Many American consumers faced higher energy prices when a flawed federal law forced a hydroelectric power company to spend $77 million to save twenty salmon. You’re reading that right: $77 million, or $3.85 million per fish. Another federal program paid people to plant trees. The cost to taxpayers for that boondoggle? $30 million.”

Those are just two of the more egregious examples in a new 61-page report (Adobe required), entitled "Spring Cleaning," that targets wasteful spending of the taxes paid by American taxpayers. The report highlights recent examples from House committee oversight hearings. While this effort is to be congratulated, how much waste, fraud, and abuse have yet to be uncovered?