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Another ‘Bad Press’ Day for the Arlington County Board

This morning’s Washington Times reports that “(a) prominent Arlington nonprofit organization that has received millions of dollars to administer federal Head Start child care services for low-income families has shut down after government auditors uncovered sloppy accounting practices.” Not just plain “prominent” either. The organization in question, ACAP, was born out of a $194,000 grant from President Johnson’s “Great Society,” according to ACAP. It’s not clear how current the page is, but this webpage shows the names of a current County Board member, a current School Board member, a Constitutional officer, and a circuit court judge.

The Times story quotes from the HHS IG audit report, noting there was “a failure to implement sound fiscal policies and procedures.” Further, the IG report “is demanding that the nonprofit group refund more than $340,000 for ‘unallowable or unsupportable costs.’ The Times also reports that ACAP “claimed $2.05 million in grant money in fiscal 2005 as the county’s Head Start program to serve 293 children at four sites.” The IG audit report is available here (requires Adobe).

Makes you wonder how much else an Inspector General would find in our "world class" community, as Arlington County's poohbahs bills itself.