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Arlington County Board Engages in More ‘Redistribution of Income’

This time it’s the car tax. Remember the bumper stickers “Ax the Tax?” Well, it didn't get axed (at least not completely), and in Arlington County, it's going to take a bigger bite from your wallet.

Earlier this month, we growled about the Board’s methodology for distributing the state monies allocated for “car tax relief.” When they adopted the FY2007 budget and tax rates in April, they increased the car tax rate from $4.40 to $5.00, leaving staff the task of devising a methodology for distributing the state’s car tax relief. Rather than distribute the state monies on a fixed percentage basis like most other Northern Virginia jurisdictions, the Board applied it in a “highly progressive manner.”

An article in the Alexandria/Arlington weekly section in today’s Washington Post discusses the Board’s decision, including a sidebar containing the car tax rates of the other Northern Virginia jurisdictions.

For example, the owner of a $22,000 vehicle would have paid $339 (owner’s share only) in 2005, but the owner of a $22,000 vehicle in 2006 will be paying $610. Why? According to Arlington County Board Chairman Chris Zimmerman (D), the Board wanted to “apply an equity principle to taxation.” Sounds like more socialism to us. Arlington taxpayers can read the entire Manager’s report on this, which was agenda item #69 at the Board’s July 8 meeting.