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Arlington County Board Set to Whack Taxpayers With Socialist Hammer

This week’s Arlington Sun-Gazette reports that “(m)ost owners of cars, trucks and SUVs in Arlington will pay more in personal property taxes on the vehicles this coming year, under a plan expected to be approved by the County Board on July 8. Under the proposal, made public by county government staff members last week, owners of vehicles assessed at more than $4,571 will pay more in taxes than they currently do, while those with vehicles assessed at less than $3,000 will pay no tax at all.”

According to Wayne Kubicki, who was quoted in the article, “’The proposed plan is a poor attempt to disguise a simple fact: this is another Arlington tax increase,” Kubicki said. “Many car owners will see their bills more than double; a full one-third will see their bills go up 77 percent or more.’” In a sidebar piece, the Sun-Gazette asked, “Hey, Wasn’t This Tax Supposed to Disappear?”

On April 22, the County Board raised the car tax from a rate of $4.40 to $5.00, but deferred a decision on the method for distributing the state's reimbursements to individual car owners. According to the Manager’s report (item 69, Board’s July 11 recessed meeting; Adobe required), he is recommending it “be distributed in a more progressive manner.” (emphasis added) Tired of the County Board gouging taxpayers another time? Use the link to the right to write to the Arlington County Board.