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Beware the Strings Attached to “Manna from Heaven”

The Courthouse surely was abuzz this morning with the Metro section page 1 story by Annie Gowen in today’s Washington Post. Gowen writes, “Arlington and Fairfax counties could lose millions of federal dollars for human service programs after they and many other localities throughout the state misused foster care funds, triggering a federal investigation, officials said. Arlington will be hit harder than Fairfax, officials said, losing as much as $15 million . . . .”

Gowen adds, “A federal audit showed that cities and counties throughout Virginia were improperly diverting federal funds intended for foster care to similar but broader programs such as counseling and parent education.” According to one top county official, Arlington was “simply the victim of a state and federal feud over foster care eligibility”

After county officials signed a settlement agreement with U.S. Department of Justice over ADA violations several months ago, the buzz at the Courthouse must have been pretty loud. Besides, shouldn't $15 million get some new faces around Courthouse Plaza. A good job by Post reporter Annie Gowen.