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Big Government and Big Business -- Partners in Plunder

The editorial in today’s Washington DC Examiner begins, “An incestuous web between big corporations and government regulators is sucking the lifeblood out of taxpayers and small businesses, according to a just-published book by Timothy Carney, a journalism fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute . . . Most of the billions government spends ‘for the public good’ eventually wind up in private bank accounts.” The editorial says that Carney explains that “(b)ig business and big government prosper from the perception that they are rivals instead of partners [in plunder],”

Virginians may find one chapter of special interest, i.e., “You Get Taxed, They Get Rich,” which examines “how former Gov. Mark Warner (D) pushed through the largest tax increase in the commonwealth’s history . . . (and) was helped by the state’s top business leaders, who themselves spent more than $7 million lobbying for higher taxes.”

Carney spoke at the Cato Institute earlier this month [podcast available]. The book is available locally at Olsson’s Books. Learn more about Carney’s views on the topic in the July/August 2006 Cato Policy Report. (requires Adobe).