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“Governor Kaine Went for the TV”

Kerry Dougherty, columnist for the Newport News Virginian-Pilot, took Gov. Tim Kaine (D) to the woodshed in her July 1 column. Seems the governor’s people managed to find $29 million, and “went on a statewide spending spree.” She wrote, “You’d expect that the transportation governor would want to earmark all the money for roads.” However, she immediately answers by writing, “You would be wrong. That’s not Kaine’s style. He wants to raise taxes for roads and use one-time funds to curry favor around the state.”

And about that TV? In trying to “make sense” of the Richmond situation, she used an example of what the average taxpayer would do with an unexpected bonus. Common sense would dictate that the crack in the house’s foundation be fixed first, and put off buying the new plasma TV. Politicians, however, think in terms of currying favor rather than taking care of the highest priority projects.