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More of Your Federal Tax Dollars Wasted

Today’s Los Angeles Times (free registration required) reports that “amid a surge in spending, $34.3 billion in contracts were mismanaged,” according to a report “prepared by staff of the House Committee on Government Reform. For example, the paper writes “a $1-billion Transportation Safety Administration contract with Unisys Corp. in August 2002 to upgrade computer networks, investigators said Unisys overcharged taxpayers by billing up to $131 an hour for employees who were paid less than half that amount.”

The newspaper also reports that TSA lied to Congress about the estimated cost, noting that “TSA staff had privately estimated the cost of the Unisys contract at $3 billion to $5 billion but told congressional officials it would cost $1 billion because the lower number ‘would be more palatable.’”

Question for Congress: how many heads in the Department of Homeland Security will roll as a result of this waste and mismanagement?