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Rep. Jim Moran Batting '0 for 19' on Pork

Rep. Jim Moran (D), who represents all of Arlington County in Congress scored a perfect “0 for 19” in opposing Congressional pork, according to the scorecard being maintained by the Club for Growth. However, as Andrew Roth at the Club’s blogsite explains: “Thanks to Congressman Jeff Flake's 19 anti-pork amendments, we now have every House member on record regarding their positions on earmarks. Before now, House members have been able to avoid scrutiny because their pork was co-mingled with other projects and tucked into the dark corners of big spending bills. Or they were able to withstand the scrutiny because they were attacked as a whole chamber and not directly attacked themselves. But because of Flake's amendments, they were recently forced to cast up-or-down votes on specific projects. They could no longer deflect attention.”

Arlington taxpayers: be sure to ask Mr. Moran, the next time you talk to him, or write to him, why he enjoys pork-barrel spending!